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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

haunted housing

Nancy Stahl's pumpkinid_home.gifWhile we may not grow many pumpkins in New York City, we do seem to have the creative talent to transform Fairway's finest into inspired symbols of Halloween. Our good friend, artist Nancy Stahl zipped downtown from her Upper West Side home, to carve Jack-O-Lanterns with us this year. The familiar seasonal smile that greets costumed guests into our homes, gets a fresh and original cut as shown here.

Nancy has perfected a technique of carving the relief into the skin at various depths to control the effect of the back light, giving new meaning to skin deep beauty! Her great pumpkin above bears a striking resemblance to the graphic, chiaroscuro style of some her best known digital work. Nancy has created the omnipresent logo of Colonel Saunders for KFC, Stamps for the U.S. Post Office, and a body of work for a who's who of publishers and products that goes back longer than either of us cares to admit. She was kind enough to send us her photo as well as forward a couple of others found circulating around the net in an email. Thanks for sharing a happy Halloween with us and our readers Nancy! Also see 'Pumpkin Carving 101', 'Extreme Pumpkins' and of course, Martha Stewart Living.