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Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Manhattan download


market reportthe manhattan overview (558 kb)This is the fifth and final report available for download based on 2006. While the first four dealt with specific areas like downtown or the Upper West side, this is a big picture view of the overall marketplace in Manhattan. The landscape was mixed, however price per square foot up was about up +7% overall. Which only seems like a small increase when compared with the very rapid appreciation of the past few years. Please download the complete report for all the details, and feel free to leave a comment here or contact me about any questions you may have.

download the manhattan overview (558 kb)

corcoran reportother recent reports:
the downtown report (324 kb .pdf)
download the uptown west report (338 kb .pdf)
the uptown east report (338 kb .pdf)
download the brooklyn report (532 kb .pdf)
the corcoran report: forth quarter 2006 (1.1 mb .pdf)
the corcoran report: third quarter 2006 (3.9 mb .pdf)