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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

new! the real estate book shop at comitini.com

the book shop at comitini.com Introducing the real estate book shop at comitini.com. As some of you who read me know, I'll occasionally talk about a book, and embed an amazon.com linkThe Island at the Center of the World, so that you can get more info, read reviews, and buy it too. I've expanded that idea to include a book shop here. This is a test flight, which I hope to make permanent. A substantial portion of any profits from the book shop will be used to support Corcoran Cares, a grassroots, charitable initiative by Corcoran's agents, to give back to the communities we serve. The portfolio of charities is published on the company site. I'm excited to be able to use this platform to help further the work of these organizations.

The shop features books on, about, and inspired by, New York City & real estate. The site includes my own personal choices which are highlighted as "Peter's picks". I've also written some search strings to offer wider choices on focused subject matter like architecture and urban planning. I'll be continuing to refine, add selections and new categories in the coming weeks. You can help support Corcoran Cares while shopping for anything on Amazon, by starting at the bookshop, and then using the go to amazon.com link, below the search box. Any purchases you make during that session will be credited to us.

The shop's technology is served by Amazon.com. It's secure, simple to use, and as you'll notice, the checkout process takes place at Amazon. Those of you with Amazon accounts will be able to use them when purchasing through my store. We get a referral fee for every sale driven through this portal. I hope that with the popularity of the site, we can sell some books, and lend support to Corcoran Cares' charities.

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