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Friday, September 21, 2007

Television: 'Open House NYC' begins a new season

Open House NYC airs weekly on WNBC channel 4 at 8:30 AM on Sunday. What do you think of the show? Feel free to leave a comment here, or drop me an email.

mediaThere's a weekly show about real estate in the Tri-State area starting up its season on the local airwaves. Open House NYC is a from lifestyle television producers LXTV and local affiliate NBC4HD. I first heard of Open House several weeks ago when they asked to exchange blogroll links with us. Since then, their online content has been popping up around the Web too, including on Doug Hedding's True Gotham. I like the segments that feature gadgets and home improvements like the one above on 'smart homes'; and today an interview with pal Noah Rosenblatt from UrbanDigs showed up online.

It's good to see new coverage of local real estate and some expert discussion about it on the air; especially at a time when the media is focused on the correction taking place outside of Manhattan. Our experience is decidedly more upbeat than in many other parts of the country. More nationally focused shows most often feature suburban settings, which bear only a vague resemblance to this city's marketplace— and even Open House NYC features an occasional Connecticut or New Jersey home to broaden its appeal into the greater metro broadcast area.

Each show has a few segments in a magazine style production. In fact, the show often resonates consumer themes that have worked in print for years. These include a video version of New York Magazine's popular 'Triple Assessment' with editor/author Jhoanna Robledo— a sort of "The Price Is Right" evaluation from three brokers about the correct asking price of an apartment. Other segments like 'The Hunt' (unrelated to the NY Times' column of the same name) trail a broker showing homes to a customer. These sometimes feel a bit rehearsed, but do sketch out the process of evaluating homes and working with an agent. It's an opportunity to see inside some some properties on the market too.

Updated 09.24.2007