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Monday, October 15, 2007

newsreal gets a gut rennovation

newsreal_fade.gifheadroomWhen I launched this blog a little less than a year ago, I decided to publish my bookmarks on real estate news as I read the stuff. It created a visible trail that readers could follow, or visit at specific points, then jump to the original material on the Web. I discovered that the first version of newsreal, which was a simple list of bookmarks published from my del.icio.us account, was indeed popular. I'm happy to announce that newsreal has now grown up and, leads the redesigned third column of comitini.com. The bookmarks are still hand selected, in a point and shoot style blog on real estate, the economy, and New York City news.

I've been adding stories to newsreal for a couple of months— blogging the site out of front page view; subscribers may have noticed the merging of newsreal content in our feed several weeks ago. It's now live with a robust, new design; and still just one click to get to the original news source. The main blog's center column will continue to feature more original editorial, reports and opinion pieces. Subscribers to our RSS feed can look forward to seeing both main blog and newsreal content being delivered in one feed. The right column has been getting other finishing touches which include enhancements of my bookmarks, newsfeeds and bigger selections at the bookshop in support of corcoran cares charities. I hope you like the renovations.

  • The first half in newsreal are my hand edited picks with quick descriptions and pointing to the original source of a story. By the way, this is in no way meant to be a comprehensive list of everything; just a documentation of what I'm reading.
  • The second half are newsfeeds from: The New York Times, The Real Estate Journal, knowedge@wharton, and others. It has up to the moment headlines from various sources.
  • Check out the new bookshop too. It's got many more large, searchable, categories for all of your interests accessible from the main page. Just below the newsfeeds you'll find 20 suggestions from our Amazon.com affiliated bookshop.

Hope that you find something of interest here. If there's something that you think I should be reading please send me a link.

updated: October 16th, 2007