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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Haunted open house

haloween_vcrop.jpgopinionSometimes a working broker is faced with challenges that seem beyond reasonable explanation. Perhaps it was the full moon, or it was feeling bolstered by the dark side prognostications of New York Magazine and other media outlets recently— but Death showed up looking for the Manhattan real estate market at our open house last Sunday. He's shown in our loft here looking svelte, but left my downtown exclusive at 80 John Street feeling disappointed, especially after noting our excellent foot traffic. Colleague Dario Mannarino, who was hosting it said, "He walked into the loft expecting the buyers to run away, but no one got spooked…I'm not sure that he could have afforded the apartment anyway. I saw him later near the subway trying to sell newspapers." Apparently, the widespread rumors in the press about Death showing up here are highly exaggerated. Although they persist, we just haven't seen bottom of the coffin about to fall out. Happy Halloween!

updated 11.6.2007