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Monday, June 15, 2009

Stoned again on Leonard Street in Tribeca

Leonard St. in Tribeca

TribecaCobblestoned that is. I noticed as I was walking home from the office today, this scene of Leonard Street undergoing a restoration to its original cobblestone pavers. It is being done as it was originally paved, starting at Hudson Street and moving eastward to West Broadway. These are beautiful finishing touches that help soften the edges of the neighborhood, and a reconnects us visually and tactilely, with its history. It adds value to the experience of everyone who lives here or visits. The work is part of the Harrison, Leonard, Greenwich Streets Reconstruction Project which LowerManhattan.info says, "includes utility upgrades including water and sewer mains, catch basins, and electric, cable, and telecommunications. Curbs, sidewalks (some pigmented), and roadway restoration... Reconstruction of Harrison from Hudson to West Street is slated to start by late 2009." I can tell you from personal driving experience, that stretch of Harrison Street is sorely in need of help, I just hope my shocks hold out until the work is done. The entire project is expected to conclude in spring 2010.