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producing results

Selling your home is as much about people, as it is about the property itself. Simply put, our results are driven by a combination of getting real customers in the door, negotiating offers, and closing the deal. How it's done is where my clients notice the difference that I bring.

The crucial first step is to expose your listing to a massive audience; the offers and negotiations flow from there. I provide a boutique design capability that is unmatched by any other agent, more on that below. What it means to my clients is that their property becomes truly memorable in a marketplace of increasing inventory and competition. If you want to maximize the profit from your sale, there are a couple of questions to ask, which are critical to your success:

  • What’s the plan for marketing look like?
  • What is the proper asking price for my home?

real estate agency meets advertising agency

The news that your property is on the market needs to reach every potential customer to drive the best offers to your door. I offer my exclusive clients a superior proposition for accomplishing just that.

I operate a true advertising and design boutique for real estate, producing customized promotional programs for my exclusively represented homes. Each one is professionally photographed, clear floor plans are drawn, an analysis of the purchase costs written, and a distinctive look crafted. Your home is presented with the language of good design and meticulous attention to the details that speak about your home's qualities, in ways which words alone cannot. The program reaches buyers on the Web, in print and on location. The results are clearly visible and indicative of an overall obsession with excellence in client service.

boutique sales materials : click here to see the design portfolio

your home will be showcased on, the most traveled real estate web site on the planet

I have some powerful tools and media, to help achieve your goals. Clearly, one of the most effective of these is your listing featured on With over two million unique visitors each month and growing, consistently delivers readership much larger than the New York Times and the next five largest NYC brokerages combined. Wouldn't you like to have your home in front of the largest audience that is specifically looking to buy homes? It is the model which all of the other firms have copied, but not duplicated. No wonder it has won so many awards for it's superior customer experience and evolved into the most visited real estate site globally. Why would you want to be anywhere else?

“The response was fantastic. Our ‘pad’ sold within two weeks of its listing, and at a substantial premium over the asking price. Who could ask for more? We got more. Throughout the process, Peter guided, suggested, and paved the way for a successful conclusion without the angst one might associate with selling an apartment in New York City. Bravo!”

how does co-brokerage really work?

The vast majority of my deals are shared or 'co-brokered' with other NYC agencies. It helps to build critical mass for a listing's visibility. The term exclusive listing actually has a converse meaning. It simply means that the seller has entrusted me, the listing agent, to exclusively represent their interests. Any co-broker can still bring a buyer, and sell the property. An exclusive is really all inclusive, everyone gets to play. The increased buyer activity means more, and better quality offers for my clients. I'll actively promote your property to all the NYC real estate brokerages. Every broker and their customers will be escorted to showings. Within 48 hours of signing an exclusive, your property will be broadcast to 7000+ real estate professionals, who are actively working with buyers.

every exclusive client gets...

how much is your property worth?

Each property exclusive is a conversation about value, with many issues to be covered. I'll suggest how best to meet your goals. At the conclusion, the market will answer. You'll be confident in knowing that you've done everything possible to attain the best return on your investment. The surest way to get the full picture of what your home could be worth is to request a free Market Analysis by calling 212.444.7844 or contact us online. I'll talk more about price in the next section.