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pricing properly

A right priced home does not sit on the market for several months. It sells. As you'll see we're going to be meeting the real buyers first. The ones who've been looking around and are ready to buy now. They are looking for the next great home to appear. Might it be yours? It's not unusual to have offers quickly when people first meet a well promoted and properly priced home.

a step toward success

What would my home fetch, if I were to put it on the market today? Is the question that my Market Analysis answers in a thoughtful and well researched way. This free report evaluates your home's marketability and recommends strategies that will produce maximum return for you. It lays out the sales program, and shows exactly the services I will provide, should you decide to list your apartment for sale. It usually requires an on-site visit, and is a totally complementary consultation. Everyone finds it an interesting read. If you are considering selling now, or at sometime in the future. request one online, or by calling 212.444.7844.

the customer curve

The transparency of the marketplace, thanks to the internet and the sales practice of open houses, has created a very well informed customer. They have a really good understanding of the kind of home they are shopping for, and have usually walked through many of them. The chart below illustrates that the most serious buyer activity hits a peak in the early stages of a listings life. By the eighth week, listings are being viewed only by new buyers, just beginning their searches. Those seasoned buyers have passed on overpriced listings, in pursuit of properties where the value to price relationship is seen as more equitable. Being priced right on the pulse of the marketplace is central to a delivering strong offers. Especially important when selling a NYC co-op where having a choice of pre-qualified buyers, is key to selecting the best candidate for Board approval.

tapping into maximum buyer activity

Proper pricing is most important in the early stages of marketing your property. Buyer activity peaks around the second week of a listing's life. Statistics show that when a property is properly priced, an offer should be presented within the first 12 showings.

‘activity’ is defined as the number of showings; ‘weeks’ is defined as the length of time a property is on the market. data based on Corcoran Group exclusive sales activity.

demanding the best

I'm privileged to work with clients who are often very accomplished people from the creative and business worlds. They include writers, artists, performers, film makers, business leaders, architects, technologists, investment bankers and stock brokers. They all share an understanding of what it takes to achieve excellence, properly manage their time, and delegate crucial tasks to trusted professionals. I applaude their instincts. I've personally seen 220% sales growth over the past year; in a market that the press is reporting is cooling off its record pace of the past few years. I’m an expert in residential properties in Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn too. You are invited to contact me at 212.444.7844 with any of your real estate needs.

“Peter not only brought us offers above asking, but was able to speak with us in detail about each prospective buyer's capability to follow through. We are confident that he brought us the strongest deal.”